Is He Into Me? 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase Boys

The thrill of a chase will get anyone’s adrenaline pumping, especially if you’re successful in your conquest. But for others, the chase may can be a turn off. Case in point: Taylor Swift.

Ever since the Country singing megastar stepped on the scene, she’s adorned premium arm candy, from Jake Gyllenhaal to recent ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. Her dating rap sheet leaves spectators to wonder why she swiftly dates one guy after another, but to dispel all the speculations of her being a chaser, the “Never Getting Back Together” singer told Elle magazine “I never chase boys!”

Is it a wise decision to chase in order to get what you want, or will a guy just ignore your efforts? Check out 5 reasons why it’s best to leave the chasing up to the men.

Photo Credit: Getty Images