Is He Into Me? 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase Boys


Vibe Vixen Frustrated Woman

1) It’s not healthy for your psyche.

Finding yourself consumed in this pursuit can burn you out, especially if the results are not in your favor. This is when the infamous saying “if it’s meant to be, it will be” comes into play. The one guy you’re eyeing isn’t the last specimen on Earth. Don’t rack your brain over plans or strategies to get him, just stay sane for the right one.


2) You’ll be labeled thirsty.

Soulja Boy said it best in his song “She Thirsty.” Yes, you most likely will get the attention you seek, but he’ll look at you as “ easy.” Relax a little.


3) He’ll play games with you.

Once a guy notices that you’re overly interested, he might tease you by leading you on then dismissing you. He’ll come back whenever he chooses and you’ll probably let him in your life again. Honestly he’s taking advantage of your naivete.