Is He Into Me? 5 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase Boys



couple fighting

4) If you still chase him when you already have him, he’ll leave.

This is also known as being clingy or a fear of giving him too much space. He gave into the chase and now that you reeled him in, relax the hook a little bit. There’s no need to invade his space worrying that another chaser will hook him. But if he does leave, could you blame him?

5) “They don’t like it!”

As Ms. Swift said to Elle magazine, men don’t like women to chase them (some women believe it should be vice versa, but that’s a different list). Aggressiveness can be interpreted as “this woman will go to any extreme,” instead of “she genuinely wants to be with me.” It’s best for him to see you for who you naturally are and not someone who’s desperate for companionship.