68 Pythons Found In Florida: Snakes On The Run!


Only in Florida. A snake hunt turned up 68 slinky serpents, specfically 68 pythons found in a competition in the Florida Everglades.

The 68 pythons found after a month-long search are Burmese pythons, an invasive snake that has flourished in the wetlands since the late 1970s. The big snakes, which can grow to 14 feet or more, are most likely descendants of abandoned pets. Estimates put their numbers at more than 100,000, and with no natural predators, they have flourished.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission sponsored a snake hunt from January to February, encouraging hunters to find the snakes with the promise of prizes. Pros and amateurs competed for cash prizes, with 68 pythons found in total.

Not bad cash for a day spent in a swamp!