79-Year-Old Shot Dead By Possible Stray Bullet


A 79-year old Brooklyn man was found dead from an apparent gunshot woud in his apartment on Sunday—and police are now suspecting a stray bullet may have been the cause of death.

According to a report by The Daily News, James Jackson was found after his girlfriend—who happens to be both blind and hearing impaired—found him lying in a pool of his own blood. A neighbor was called to check on Jackson after his wife called & claimed, “I can’t wake him up.”

Jackson was found dead in his Gates Ave. apartment in Bushwick at about 2:25 a.m.—making it plausible that his girlfriend never heard the shot.

Neighbors say Jackson had no enemies and investigators found no evidence of a break-in, which makes the stray bullet story that much more believable.

It’s a shame that a man, who lived to see such a golden age, was taken in such a horrible way. Our prayers are with his family.