A TLC Biopic: Too Much, Too Soon?


TLC Keke Lil Mama Drew SidoraBiopics work when 1. the subject is near the end of his/her career or 2. the subject’s story isn’t related to music or entertainment. For instance, Ray took almost 20 years to make because of financing and important decisions like choosing a director and actors.  Although Charles, who died right before its premiere, was still releasing new music, his career had already spanned 50 years. Notorious isn’t exactly a cinematic home run, but, it worked because B.I.G.’s career had come to an end a long time ago, leaving space for his story to be told through film.

Biopics have historically alluded to the end of something. What’s Love Got To Do With It? displayed the end of Tina’s suffering at the hands of Ike. For Ray, it was the end of a crippling drug addiction. What will this TLC biopic represent? According to sources, it will cover TLC’s journey through the release of Crazy, Sexy, Cool.  But what about the years after? T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli went on to have many ups and downs after 1994, including the release of Fanmail and global hit “No Scrubs.” And if the two remaining members’ opinions are any indication, TLC is far from being a thing of the past. We’ll be tuned in, but will we be satisfied?