Alicia Keys’ 10 Most Memorable Grammy Awards Photos

And, another one! Late last week, we found out that Justin Timberlake and Frank Ocean were late additions to the list of artists who will be performing at the 2013 Grammy Awards on February 10. But, they aren’t the only artists who got added to the slate. In addition to JT and Mr. Ocean, we’ll also be treated to a performance by none other than Alicia Keys on Grammy night. We’re assuming she’ll break out “Girl On Fire” considering how successful it has been, and it should be quite a moment for Swizz Beatz’s boo.

A-Keys is no stranger to the Grammys, though. She’s attended them before, she’s won a few in her day, and she’s even performed at the Grammys in the past (she killed “If I Ain’t Got You” a few years back). If you don’t remember, just check out our gallery of Alicia Keys’ 10 Most Memorable Grammy Awards Photos. These should definitely jog your memory.