Artist Butcher Billy Reinvents Supervillains Using Real-Life Evildoers

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While folks discuss the effects of movies and videogames on our society, illustrator Butcher Billy uses his skill to paint a reflection of the times we live in.

The Superhero Media Crossover Project is an awesome series from Brazilian graphic designer Butcher Billy. The experiment takes a real-life dictator, a psycho, or an insane person (which is truly the whole package) and mash them up with a comics bad guy. The pieces are eerily related in one way or another with its real-life counterpart.

We’re waiting for our package of tees to come in the mail, but you can purchase your own for $22.00 by clicking here. Below you can get a look at some of Butcher Billy’s work below:


Props: Behance / BloodyLoud