Backstage Beauty Pass: Wigs Ruled the Betsey Johnson Fall ’13 Collection


betsey johnson backstage wigsHead hairstylist Robert Cutler describes the look as fantasy with theatrics.

It’s all about having fun. You always have the girl at the gym with the ponytail, right?…The wigs are cheap, cheap synthetic. They look choppy. I don’t want them to look perfect…what we’re doing is putting on the wigs and cutting off the bits we don’t like. I like the chunkiness of these cheap wigs because they actually look like wigs…It’s funny because normally we spend time trying to perfect it and make it look real. But it’s Betsey Johnson so it’s sort of fun.”

Argon Oil 6 and hairspray are being used to hold the unconventional do in place.

Photo Credits: Stacy-Ann Ellis