Benoit & Sergio on Bouncy Love Makin’ Music, Hot Creations Drop + More


Benoit & Sergio are the DJ duo to watch right now with “Bridge So Far,” a new, two-track EP droppin’ on Hot Creations, Monday Feb 4th. The Washington D.C. boys produce sexy tracks and show a mature aptitude for layering sounds that nab you in the ear’s G-spot. They sat down with VIBE to chat about their biggest release to date and an upcoming album in the works.

VIBE: First drop on Hot Creations – how does that feel? How’d it happen?
Benoit & Sergio: Last March, we were touring on the Future Music Festival in Australia with Jamie Jones among others. We’d been admiring his label since Lee Foss dropped “U Got Me,” which is still one of the best jams of the past few years. We all hung out in Australia – Perth, etc. – and got to know each other a bit more. We had some loops around that time that we sent Jamie after Australia. Lee and Jamie were both into them. Since then we’ve played a few great shows with those guys, including a Hot Creations party at BPM in January that was magic.

Explain the sound of the Bridge So Far EP as if you were talking to a toddler:
“It’s bouncy like a ball. And your mother likes to listen to it when she goes to bed with your new father.”

The EP is extremely unconventional to American mainstream, which is what you seem to excel at – what happens now, musically?
We’re working on an album now called War For Miles that consists of shorter songs with more words and more music. We’re done making tracks, at least for a while. Now we want to be more mellow but also more epic – like some wonderful sunset off the coast of Spain.

What were some highlights of your fall North American tour after “New Ships?”
North America is always great – Miami, New York, Los Angeles – but we really liked South America this time around. The shows in Bogota, Cali, Lima, Mexico City, BPM, for example, were deeply rewarding. The crowds down there are live wires to which we felt a total connection. We look forward to getting much deeper into those worlds of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico in the future.

Is there a specific city that stands out as particularly receptive to more intricate tech sounds and less pounding-drop-after drop (bang your head against a wall) styles?
In the States? We will gladly suggest Washington, DC, our adopted home-town. We played there the other night and it was bananas. Great crowd. Open-minded. Fun. Smart. It has to be the unsung hero of dance music in the U.S., though we haven’t been to Texas yet.

Which rapper would fit perfectly to spit a verse on a Benoit & Sergio track?
Nice question. Someone playful and smart. Maybe Dr. Octagon.