Beyoncé Takes Pictures With Her #Clique


Whether it’s the powerful message of rocking out with an all-girl band onstage or moving musical mountains as the progressive movement she dubbed “Destiny’s Child,” Beyoncé is always blatant about her love of girl power.

As a recent salute to women, she posted a photo of a few ladies from her “clique”– mother Tina Knowles, cousin Angie Beyince, Kelly Rowland and Michelle WilliamsDraped in leather, each woman served up a “gangsta” or rockstar pose that would surely make Jay-Z proud (or at least crack a smile). 

After an incredible run since the start of the year, Bey has a lot to be excited about. Up next, she’s readying the Mrs. Carter World Tour, the release of personal documentary “Life Is But A Dream” and, of course, her fifth studio album.

Check out the kissy faces DC3 put on for Bey’s personal cam on the next page.