BIg Boi: “Me and [Andre] Have a Relationship That’s Bigger Than Music”


On Big Boi’s latest album Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, the rapper is telling his truth, according to an interview with CNN. On the album, which he calls an “overall search for truth,” Big Boi gives his sometimes controversial view on society with an introspective zeal that many view as uncommon to his usual style.

“I’m talking about life,” he told CNN. “Some people don’t get that because they’re so numb to what the mainstream media is pumping into their head with these reality shows and a certain type of song that’s played 1,000 times on the radio every day and I refuse to do that.”

The album includes tracks like “Shoes for Running,” where Big Boi alludes to the existence of a cure for cancer. In the interview, he reiterates his theory, saying that a cure for AIDS also exists, but that companies make too much money from medicines to inform the public about the cures. The rapper also shared his opinion on the America’s inconsideration for life in other countries around the world. He even discussed the fact
that his image was also less introspective and creative than his Outkast bandmate Andre 3000’s — a notion he never accepted.

Regarding his relationship with Andre 3000, Big Boi told CNN that people have it all wrong. Assuring that he and Andre are on good terms, the rapper shared that he even consulted with Andre 3000 for the Vicious Lies album, letting him hear every single track.

“People don’t know or they don’t catch all of the interviews and then (there’s) all the sensational headlines, but you’ve got to really understand that me and Dre have a relationship that’s bigger than music,” he said. “We’re best friends. Music just came along because it’s what we’re put here to do and what God brought us together to do. But that’s my brother; you know what I’m saying? There’s no beef, no nothing.”

As for whether or not fans can expect a new Outkast album soon, Big Boi told CNN that the fans are not ready.

“If we did records like what I’m doing right now, if I go so deep y’all will never get an OutKast album,” he said. “We ain’t excited about doing an OutKast album because people ain’t going to understand it.”