Bill O’Reilly Sticks To NBC Drone Error Story

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It appears that the Fox News blowhard is sticking to his guns when it comes to his widely debunked claims about NBC’s coverage of drones.

O’Reilly famously said last week that he’d seen “nothing” about the Obama administration’s drone policies on NBC, even though it was NBC (see: Rachel Maddow) that broke the latest drone story and caused the biggest public debate about the program in its entire history.

Various outlets instantly began calling out O’Reilly on the error, yet the Fox News talking head insisted that he had been talking about “a lack of analysis and criticism” about the program on NBC and MSNBC, and called his critics “far left loons.” (Does he have this stuff trademarked?)

CNN’s Howard Kurtz, who admittedly was late to the party, brought chided insults instead of party gifts for O’Reilly, with gusto, on Sunday’s Reliable Sources.

“O’Reilly obviously misspoke and I thought he would just come back the next night and correct the record,” he said, adding, “Bill, the only reason there is a drone debate right now is because NBC News revealed that memo.”

Not afraid to shoot a verbal bullet back, O’Reilly shot back on Monday, saying, “Are you kidding me Howard, are you kidding me? The double standard of media coverage on waterboarding versus drones has been apparent for years!” “Don’t give me any of this ‘O’Reilly misspoke business.’ You know exactly what Beckel and I were talking about, or you should know.”

Whatever the case may be, it still remains that O’Reilly has used another talking point to cover up the mistake he did in crediting NBC and others for breaking the story. But for those looking to see Kurtz versus O’Reilly, round two, you’re in luck as he’ll be Bill’s guest on tonight’s show (2/13). Hopefully the two can talk the whole thing out without having to resort to childish insults.

Props: HuffPo