Black History Month: 10 Outrageous Black Rebels From History

Over the course of American history, there have been many inspirational and irreplaceable voices who have spoken to the hearts and minds of book aficionados. They are men and women who reside alongside the canon of great American authors. They defy limitation and spoke truth to power about the concerns of not just Black humanity, but all humanity.

In recognition of Black History Month, we offer a bit of insight into the mind of a rebel and take you through the significant events and eras of the African and African-American experience.

We begin with one of the most interesting cases of revolution in American history. On June 30, a rice farmer named Cinqué from Sierra Leone led a revolt along with 110 others, killing the captain and the cook of the ship and taking their Spanish slave traders captive. When the Amistad ship came into the coast along Long Island, the USS Washington charged the slaves who survived with mutiny and murder.

Cinqué served as the group’s informal representative and helped to save the lives of innocent men who were illegally placed into slavery.

Above you’ll find nine other Outrageous Black Rebels whose life should be featured in every American’s iWhatever (does anyone have bookshelves anymore?). Moreover, please consider telling a friend or a lover about these memorable men and women, not just in February, but all-day, every day, 365. Enjoy!