Blackface Apology From NY Assemblyman


New York assemblyman Dov Hikind apologized Monday for wearing blackface to a costume party, after days of defending his actions.

The blackface apology came after Hikind dressed as a basketball player for a costume party for Purim, a Jewish holiday in which revelers often dress up in costumes like on Halloween. Hikind’s costume included an Afro wig and blackface, and once a picture leaked, the assemblyman called criticism “political correctness to the absurd.”

But fellow lawmakers in New York attacked Hikind for his lack of remorse, and Hikind apologized Monday, saying “It was not meant to in any way hurt anyone. And those that were? I’m sorry. That was not my intention.”

Hikind’s actions come after the assemblyman criticized fashion designer John Galliano earlier this month for dressing like a religious Jewish person on the streets of New York City.