‘Buckwild’ Star Arrested on Drug Charges for Oxycodone and Heroin

One of the stars of MTV’s latest hit reality show “Buckwild” was recently arrested for drug possession with intent to distribute.

According reports, cast member Salwa Amin was caught holding drugs while hiding in a shed with 2 other men. Police found Amine with an amount of oxycodone pills and heroin in her purse. They allege she was involved in drug trafficking which involves crossing state lines with the narcotics.

MTV renewed Buckwild for a second season ealier this week.

Yahoo Reports:

However TMZ claims Salwa Amin, 24, was booked on two counts of drug possession with intent to deliver — one count for oxycodone, the other for heroin.

The Charleston Police database indicates that Amin is a “pre-trial Felon,” with bail set at $200,000. She is listed as being 5’2” and 115 lbs.

Amin was arrested along with two other people — Jason D. Jones, 31, also of Summersville, and Shawn L. Booker, 43, of Detroit, Michigan — neither of whom is connected to the show.