Chanel Iman Denies Dating A$AP Rocky, Shares Beauty Secrets


From the outside looking in, 22-year-old model Chanel Iman is incredibly flawless. But she really is just a normal girl navigating the dating scene, working hard and keeping her skin in check.

Refinery29 caught up with Victoria’s Secret’s young angel at some of New York’s most cozy haunts to talk about everything from her beauty and dieting secrets to her favorite coast (“I can’t be in either too long.”) and rumored boyfriend A$AP Rocky

“I eat whatever I want,” she reveals of how she maintains her 5-foot-9 slim frame. “I eat a lot of junk food. I am not on a diet at all, and this is just the way I am. I could eat cake all day and not gain a pound.”

And despite being perfectly model-esque and those pesky dating rumor flying around, she admits that she’s “single.” However, she does spill on the type of dudes she’s into, even if she doesn’t have much time to spend with them. “I like a guy who is real. I love real people in my life. I love a guy that’s confident. I love a guy who knows what he wants and goes after it. I’m busy and working and don’t really go out that much, so I don’t really get introduced to that many guys.”

Although Chanel’s not tied to Harlem favorite rapper (right now), she’s like most single ladies: She maintains a healthy skincare regimen so she can preserve her sexy. (No Proactiv.) She lets the site in on her top must-have beauty products.

“I wash my face every night with Dermalogica and I put vitamin E on my face,” she says. “My eyebrow kit from Anastasia doesn’t leave my purse, and I always have Dior Show mascara on hand. Also, I carry around a Cinema Secrets palette to cover blemishes. I don’t wear a lot of makeup, just little touches here and there.”

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