Chris Brown Lawyer Files Docs To Prove Community Service Hours

After Chris Brown arrived in court with his mom and Rihanna in tow, his lawyer Mark Geragos filed documents that he says prove Brown is a man of his word.

Los Angeles district attorney recently asked the court to revoke Brown’s probation because he allegedly faked 202 hours of community service, submitting a report with dates that overlapped his overseas tour.

According to TMZ, Geragos offered a rebuttal to the D.A.’s claims that “no human being” witnessed Brown’s labor by claiming Richmond’s deputy police chief “observed Brown working very hard at cleaning the brush at the [police] stables.”

Geragos also filed checks and invoices for $31,534.70 that Brown had paid the Richmond Police Department for providing security while he completed his service, which the D.A. also said Brown did not pay.

However, Geragos’ files don’t cite the Tappahannock Children’s Center, the location where Brown said he frequently performed the service.

Geragos says he’s only begun digging and “what we’ve uncovered so far should shock the conscience of the court. This is only the tip of the iceberg.”