Christopher Dorner’s Body Not Yet Identified

After a wild shootout that left one officer dead and two others injured, it seems the tale of Christopher Dorner has come to a fiery end. Or has it? Details after the break.

The Los Angeles Police Department told reporters yesterday that no body has been identified in the cabin in which Christopher Dorner was believed to have been hiding, following a second shootout and a fire.

“No body has been located yet,” Commander Andrew Smith said, telling reporters that the building was still too hot for investigators to enter. “That burned cabin has not even been entered by investigators yet,” Smith said. “We are still on a holding pattern to search that.”

While earlier reports had indicated that a body had been identified, it appears that LA station KABC put on a crawl that very announcement.

The standoff with Dorner, a former member of the LAPD, gripped the nation as its violent close took place live on aerial cameras near a rustic cabin in the Big Bear ski area east of Los Angeles. Since Feb. 3, he has been accused of a crime spree that’s left four people dead, including two officers, and several others wounded in shootings in L.A., and nearby San Bernadino County.

In a strange twist, another officer from the LAPD has released a manifesto that begins eerily similar to Christopher Dorner’s. Former cop Joe Jones offers his “sympathies” to his assumed-to-be fallen comrade, but doesn’t appear to be headed down the same violent path.

You can read Jones’ manifesto in full by clicking here.

Props: HuffPo / HuffPo Black Voices