Chuck E. Cheese Killer Faces Execution After 20 Years on Death Row


After two decades on death row, Nathan Dunlap aka the “Chuck E. Cheese” killer was denied an appeal to avoid the death penalty. He was initially convicted of brutally gunning down four employees after being fired from an Aurora location of the restaurant. He now faces execution in Colorado.

“It left a big hole in our family, of course,”said Bob Crowell, whose 19-year old daughter Sylvia was one of the victims. “And 13 1/2 years is way longer than the process should take. Slow justice is no justice. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a violent type guy. I just think the public deserves justice.”

“We’re one step closer,” former Arapahoe County District Attorney and prosecutor in the case Jim Peters told the Denver Post. “It’s not finalized. But we’ve taken another major step forward.”

“Our office has spent nineteen years prosecuting Nathan Dunlap for the preplanned and deliberate murders of the unsuspecting three teenagers and one adult victim who had the terrible misfortune to be working the night shift on December 14, 1993 at Chuck E. Cheese in Aurora,” said the current DA, George Brauchle.

via Ibi