Cold World! Kate Upton Heats Up New Swimsuit Illustrated Cover


What better way to melt the winter blues away than to have the Kate Upton cover the annual Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue than in a parka?

For the second consecutive year, the well-endowed blonde beauty lets it all hang out for the 50th anniversary cover of the goodies issue, which was revealed Monday night on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman.”

The 2011 rookie of the year has bodied the past 365, racking up hits with her doing the Dougie and gallivanting in a bikini for GQ or high-end threads for Vogue.

The cover shot “is the most clothes I’m wearing in the whole issue,” Upton said in a phone interview with Fox News Monday. “It was a sort of I-love-you from the editor: ‘I’ll let you wear a coat for this one.'”

The shoot spanned 10 days in December, which is Antarctica’s “summer,” take from the base ship, which also carried the team from one icy land shooting site to another.

Upton says she even took home a souvenir, saying she was “very, very sick. I don’t think you can go to Antarctica and stand in a bikini without that happening. But I didn’t die, and I’m OK now.”

And we’re thankful for that.