Cyber Journey to Fabric London With Petre Inspirescu


Become drawn to fabric 68: Petre Inspirescu from Fabric London on Vimeo.

VIBE takes a cyber journey across the pond to celebrate the storied Fabric in London. More than a nightclub, Fabric is a music label, which plays host to myriad inspiring mixes. It’s a veritable dance music detector with magnetic ears for world class producers. Enter Romanian producer Petre Inspirescu, who has just become the latest contributor to the Fabric series. Droppin’ February 18th, the album is arranged exclusively from his own productions with his “newfound love of classical music weaving it’s way into the album’s entirety”. Fabric 68 has released a teaser video and a short Q&A with Petre Inspirescu, which you can journey into above. “I recorded the mix at home and arranged only from my own productions, as I wanted to try to offer a more classical touch to the music I make for the dancefloor and to present it to people. Some of the songs were recorded more than one year ago, maybe two, and some recently. The songs include recordings with a trio (violin, cello, piano) in my studio, other instruments, voice (soprano) and modular sounds.” Read More.