deadmau5 Talks 2013 Grammy Awards Big Winner Skrillex

The 2013 Grammy Awards have garnered demon of dubstep, Skrillex another three Grammy wins. Previously, Skrilly (born Soony Moore) took home awards for Best Remixed Recording (Non-Classical) for the song “Cinema (Skrillex Remix)”; Best Dance/Electronic Album for Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites; and Best Dance Recording for the title track.

deadmau5 tells VIBE: “Skrillex, he’s good example of making a movement, he took this brostep thing and really commercialized it. And I’m not saying that’s bad. You got to be really careful with those mill markets because they’ll turn on you in a second.”

deadmau5 and Kat Von D arrived on the red carpet at tonight’s Grammy Awards and revealed they are working on new tattoos as usual. The producer – born Joel Zimmerman—just got his driver’s license at, age 32, as well as a new Porsche, but Skrillex took Grammy Awards for Best Dance/Electronica Album for Bangarang; Best Dance Recording for the title track, featuring Sirah; and Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical for “Promises” with NERO.

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