The Designer Behind Carrie Underwood’s Grammy Awards Dress Reveals How He Created It


Are you still wondering what made Carrie Underwood’s dress light up on stage at the 2013 Grammy Awards? Well, it’s a little bit complicated. But, Don O’Neill, the designer behind the dress, didn’t want to leave people out in the dark. So, recently, he sat down with ABC News to talk about how he was able to design a dress “that could have a movie projected on it” in just—get this—two weeks. It took a lot of sketching, a lot of imagination, and a lot of trial and error on O’Neill’s part, but he eventually found the right design to help Underwood’s dream Grammy dress come true. Watch the clip below to see exactly how the whole thing came together. If you weren’t impressed by the dress before, we promise that you will be when you see how much hard work went into it.