Autumn Adeigbo Redefines Inner Beauty with International Appeal

Culture, color, conscience—a tag line fashion designer and celebrity stylist Autumn Adeigbo has built for her socially responsible, eponymous brand. But Autumn is different from most of her colleagues. She believes that beauty should shine from within and not be solely based on outward appearances. With this mantra she creates with the intent to inspire.

Elle Varner and Solange teach young girls they can be beautiful and talented while still being wholesome, respectable and YES desirable,” she says. “They teach our girls and women to leave something to the imagination and that your beauty isn’t defined by your assets-pun intended.”

With a knack for design passed down from her Nigerian mother, her designs have garnered attention from Elle and Solange, as well as Amanda Hearst and even Betsey Johnson—who hired her on the streets of New York after Autumn finished a class at Parsons.

Autumn has the inevitable ability to create refined designs intertwined with international appeal. Believing that society should be more socially responsible and aware, Autumn launched her fashion brand to highlight African culture while simultaneously giving back to the very continent that inspires many of her designs: Africa. She is highly involved in the Women for Women Inter­na­tional organization that helps heal the sex­ual vio­lence cri­sis in parts of Africa.

“My vision is for my brand to be an example of the outer beauty, reflecting inner beauty so a customer will be drawn to my collection not only because it is original and special, but because she knows she is making a positive difference in the lives of others with the purchase,” she says.  “I believe that businesses should [not only] be for profit but also for purpose.”

Flip the pages for a peek at some of our favorite Autumn Adeibo designs.

Photo Credits: Autumn Adeigbo/ David Phillips

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