Does The ‘World War Z’ Super Bowl Spot Impress You?!

There is cause for plenty of concern involving Marc Forster’s adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z. Does the new Super Bowl TV spot ease worries or empowers them?

When the film was delayed for extensive re-shoots and some accompanying rewrites, it looked as if things were looking pretty bleak for the project. The first trailer footage failed to assuage the concerns of the book’s biggest fans (see: Nothing like the book.).

You can judge for yourself how it looks below:

How does it look to you now? The 30-second spot has enough time to recap some of what we saw in the first trailer, including the setup of the zombie outbreak that Brad Pitt and his family must survive. But it goes out on a limb to showcase a bit a new effects footage. While it doesn’t move us here at VIBE, it may be able to capitalize on the zombie craze.

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