Duke Frat Party: Racist and Wrong

Yet another Duke frat party has made headlines, this time for it’s racist theme.

This Duke frat party was a “Racist Rager,” and the invitation encouraged guests to dress up as offensive Asian stereotypes. Pictures from the party went viral on Duke campus, and the Asian American Alliance at the school organized a protest against the fraternity, Kappa Sigma.

That protest took place Wednesday, after the party went down this past weekend. Students gathered to support the AAA, and the Asian organization planned an open-forum discussion for later in the evening.

The fraternity’s operations have been suspended as a result of the party. This is the latest Duke frat party to make headlines for negative reasons: the school was the target of a high-profile sexual assault investigation in 2006, later proven to be false, while other controversies involving Greek life have gained national attention in recent years.