Dwayne Johnson Will Not Star In ‘Lobo’ Movie

Anticipation for this movie was brewing and given The Rock’s penchant for delivering the smackdown on films lately, it sucks that he won’t get to bring this one to the big screen. According to MTV, plans for a movie about DC Comics’ interstellar mercenary and bounty hunter have appeared to just blown away in the wind. The Rock was attached to play the lead in a movie directed by Journey 2: The Mysterious Island helmer Brad Peyton, but no word has broken since the summer of 2012. In a sit-down with the Snitch star, Johnson employed some radio-silence on his end and hinted that Lobo is now off his radar. “It was [happening] for a minute, but then it kind of just went away as things happen in Hollywood,” he said. “For a minute, [I] was interested in it, and then it went away.” You can smell what The Rock is cooking in the video below:

If you’re wondering what Johnson is turning his attention to, it seems the WWE Champion will focus on Brett Ratner’s Hercules. According to the actor, he’s had his eye on the mythical character for quite some time. What do you think? Are you upset about Lobo no longer in the works, or is it for the best? Let us know in the comments section below. Props: MTV / Bleeding Cool