Fake uper Bowl Jerseys Seized At Ohio Airports

Super Bowl XLVII is still making headlines, this time in a pretty controversial way.

Federal customs officials have confirmed confiscating counterfeit Super Bowl jerseys—and other goods totaling at a whopping $3.4 million—in a seize on shipping hubs at two Ohio airports.

AP reports that U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Tuesday the jerseys and other items were seized over the past nine days at the DHL hub at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport and the UPS hub at Louisville International Airport.

According to a Customs spokeswoman, most of the items were jerseys, but also included clothing and consumer electronics. 22,600 items estimated at a retail price of $2.9 million were found at the DHL hub, while about 37,900 items valued at about $510,000 were confiscated at the UPS hub.

If you’ve bought any Ravens/49ers gear in the past nine days, you might want to start doing some examining. Don’t get caught out there with a fake.