Fall ’13 NY Fashion Week: Backstage Beauty at Tracy Reese

Noted for her femininity and playful use of color, Tracy Reese didn’t disappoint this year. Inspired by the New York City fashionista, her Fall 2013 show was all about “the morning after.” How does a girl maintain fabulosity after hours of partying? The answer is backstage where we had an exclusive look at the models’ transformations.

The super bubbly Mally Roncal was responsible for the dark and edgy makeup. “The makeup is basically the quintessential New York City girl,” said Roncal. “She’s fierce, she’s fabulous, she doesn’t give a shit what you think. She’s doing her thing. She’s very, very proud. She’s been out all night. Not in a dirty kind of way. In an owning it kind of way.”