Fall ’13 NY Fashion Week: DKNY Runway Report

views fashion as an expression of womanhood, complete with the complications and conflicted emotions that arise. Her fall 2013 collection is a manifestation of that motto. If I had to sum up DKNY’s unveiling in one word, it would be promising. Karan’s collection reminds us of the importance of enjoying fashion. It should be exuberant to purchase new clothing as the seasons shift and she captures the excitement of a vibrant wardrobe in her hipster-fresh collection.

First conclusion: Bulky overcoats are in! DKNY features large coats, which symbolize urban grittiness and offer protection against fall’s bitter winds. Karan’s fall palette skewed traditional, using blacks, beiges, blues, grays and leopard prints; but the leather and animal-print combo also redefined the limits of the autumn wardrobe. - Evette Dionne