Fall ’13 NY Fashion Week: Michael Kors Runway Report

If we had to sum up Michael Kors Fall 2013 collection in one word it would be daring. With A-list celebs lining the front row of the dual-runway, the popular designer pumped out a unique palette of black as an underpinning for bolder hues. To align with his uptown-sophisticated aesthetic, Kors reached for staples like peplum and paired them with newly-minted trend pieces like overcoats.

Fierce is an understatement with this collection. Evening wear was re-imagined as Kors debuted a reinvented black dress layered underneath a bold-hued peplum train. Kors also updated camouflage, proving that it can be chic when paired with leather accessories, while also promoting mixed prints, including houndstooth.

Off-the-shoulder, belted blazers with pencil skirts dominated his “fun-for-work” segment, proving that office attire can be simultaneously chic and bold. -Evette Dionne

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Photo Credits: firstVIEW