Fall ’13 NY Fashion Week: Rachel Roy Digital Show [Video]


Military green is the new black in Rachel Roy’s Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Her new pieces boast transitional attire: tailored pants that go from work to an event and cocktail dresses that both are sweet and edgy.

“I design for a working woman who has much to do. She needs something that easily and effortlessly transitions her from one place to another so she can focus on something much more important than fashion, which is her life,” she told E! News.

Roy’s Fall/Winter 2013 line speaks to opulence, embellishments, details and texture. Pants are embroidered or trimmed with gold and the tops feature intricate details that take them from basic to making a statement. Not only is military green the new it color, Roy steered clear from muted tones this season. The clothes are rich in colors with deep purples, reds and blues, making the collection bold, lavish and exotic.

It’s clear Roy created the line for a specific woman—the lady who likes indulgences, travel, and is on her A game. True art imitating life as it’s finest. -Carla Thomas

Watch the show below: