The Funniest GIFs and Pics of Chris Bosh

Poor Chris Bosh has had a bad week. First, he got embarrassed at the All-Star Game multiple times, via airballs and Chris Paul/Tony Parker’s sick handles. Then, Lil’ Wayne and others claim to know Bosh’s wife in the, uh, Biblical sense. And of course, Bosh maintains his standing as the NBA’s reigning king of photobombs, GIFs, and generally goofy pictures.

There’s just something about Bosh that brings out the haters. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s going to ride LeBron and Dwyane Wade’s coattails to more NBA Titles and All-Star appearances, maybe it’s just his face. But either way, he’s an internet star. Here are some of the best pics and GIFs of Bosh!