Gentleman’s Corner: Larenz Tate Talks ‘House of Lies,’ Working With Nia Long and Music Video Directing

VV: Switching gears a little bit, I want to commend you on directing Melanie Fiona’s new video.
LT: We had a great time. Melanie is extraordinarily talented. She’s an incredible artist and equally an incredible person. She and I went back and forth on the concept of what we both felt would do justice for the song and really elevate the song’s imagery. What I wanted to do in the video was give her the opportunity to not only perform the song, but also tap into her own personal experiences and showcase what she can do as an actress. I’m looking forward to doing stuff with her in the future.

Which one do you love more: acting or directing?
I’ve been acting since I was 10 years old. Directing is a new love; acting is something that I’ll always do and it’s apart of who I am, so I love it. I’m very excited about being able to do both of them.

Are there any other artists you’d like to work with?
I would love to work with Rihanna and Maxwell. I’m a fan of Miguel and Florence and the Machine. I like to tell stories, so if people are interested in doing narratives, it would be great to rock with them. Rihanna takes time to tell her story, she has strong narratives in her [videos]. I would love to work with Adele because she is simple and it’s clean. You get right to what she’s talking about.

Photo Credit: Cliff Lipson/SHOWTIME