Greg Oden To Cavs: Biggest Draft Busts Since 2003

Is Greg Oden going to the Cavs? It seems Cleveland is prepared to offer the former No. 1 overall pick a two-year deal, as he works his way back from devastating knee injuries that have robbed him of an NBA career six years after he was picked in 2007.

Greg Oden’s name is synonymous with “Draft Bust,” fair or unfair. The guy was a monster at Ohio State, was hailed as the second coming of everyone from Patrick Ewing to Hakeem Olajuwon, and just happened to be made of paper mache. Not his fault, blame genetics.

But either way, Oden was most unlucky for being drafted just one slot ahead of Kevin Durant, who is the second-best player in the NBA and looks poised to become an all-time legend.

So Oden’s name is now next to Sam Bowie’s in the history books, the guy drafted ahead of Michael Jordan. It’s a little unfair to judge Oden at this point, and if Oden goes to the Cavs and revives his career, the NBA will be better for it. But is he the biggest bust of the last decade?

A real draft bust has to do with investment versus reward. If you draft a guy no. 1 and he does nothing, that’s much worse than drafting a guy no. 32 and getting nothing. So who else has stuck out since 2003 as a notable misstep?