The Guy Who Tried To Crash Adele’s Grammy Awards Speech On Sunday Night Explains Why He Did It

Did you see Vitalli Sediuk when he crashed the Grammy Awards stage right before Adele’s speech for her “Best Pop Solo Performance” win on Sunday night? Probably not. The camera didn’t stay on him for very long, and he was quickly shooed off stage by Jennifer Lopez, who presented the Grammy Award to Adele alongside Pitbull. But, Sediuk did make a very brief appearance on stage that night:

So, why did he do it? Well, after getting arrested for trespassing on Sunday night, Sediuk—a known prankster from the Ukraine who made headlines last year when he attempted to kiss Will Smith—did his best to explain himself. He said that after he managed to sneak into the Grammys by walking behind Katy Perry on the red carpet, he eventually found an open seat (he thinks it belonged to Adam Levine), enjoyed some of the Grammy Awards, and then spontaneously ran on stage when Adele’s name was called for the first award of the night. “It was spontaneous,” he told the Associated Press yesterday. “It was not planned, of course.” And, curiously, he also called on Adele to help him stay out of trouble. “Oh, Adele,” he said. “Help me not to go to jail.” But, he didn’t sound too broken up about the fact that he may face some serious legal consequences for running onto the Grammy stage when he goes back to court in March. “I don’t regret doing anything,” he said. We’ll just see about that next month.