Hi-Tech Google Glasses Being Tested

For the past three years, Google Inc. has been developing a pair of glasses that will surely change the way the world sees things in the future.

The popular search engine company has begun to release products including the Chromebook, Chromebox and Galaxy Nexus smart phone series, but their latest invention — the Google Glass — could be a game changer. The Google Glass is able to snap photos, initiate video chats and display directions all through voice commands. The development program also known as Project Glass, has allowed a select few including theverge.com’s Joshua Topolsky to test their prototypes. The glasses have not yet been customized stylishly. Right now, they’re just an aluminum strip with two nose pads. There has been no set release date for the glasses but last Spring a Google insider mentioned that the philosophy of Google group is to develop technologies that can be used in a relatively short period of time, rather than dreaming up creations that won’t be possible for 10 or more years.

Check out the video below of Topolsky giving the glasses a try. For more info head to the Google Glass website.