I Can’t Date Someone Who Doesn’t Get Along With My Family

Yesterday, Vixen posed this question: “Can you have a lasting relationship with a guy if you don’t get along with his mom?”

The resounding no’s from readers didn’t come like I imagined.

Family is the most important thing you have. If you’re lucky, they’re your first friends, your support system and they help prepare your journey into the real world. My family happens to be big and super close-knit: my mother is the oldest of five siblings, and my father, of seven. We are the 2013 Huxtables, so it’s always a good (and sometimes cheesy) time when we link up.

I got the honor of being the baby sis of two older brothers who turned out to be my best friends. Naturally, they taught me that men are to provide for and protect the women they love. So when I date a guy, he’ll have to do both of those things exceptionally well. And he better be able to hold his own when meeting my folks.

I always look for someone who has the same family bond or seeks to have that because of a lack in theirs, because I just don’t have time to argue over my family beliefs, morals and tight bond with the people I’ve known my entire life. Over the years, I’ve realized that a guy is replaceable–family isn’t. 

I can’t speak on other situations, but with my family, we’ve had our ups and downs and I still wouldn’t change them for the world. If a guy can’t accept my family, there is something wrong with him. And as Sweet Brown says, ” Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat.”