J. Cole Talks To Harvard Students On Hip-Hop Influences, Dreams Of The NBA and The Grammys


Rapper J. Cole made it to the Ivy League after chatting with Harvard students in a special discourse called “The Next Move: A Conversation with J. Cole.”

The St. John’s alumni stopped by the prestigious institute to speak on his come-up from the hip-hop artists that inspired him to write, his past dreams of becoming an NBA baller, having a degree to how rappers can bag the Grammy award for ‘Best Album of the Year.’

Watch Professor Cole take the podium in the three-part clip before.

Part 1: J. Cole speaks on his early influences

Part 2: J. Cole speaks on rapping with his friends, NBA aspirations and his “Plan B”

Part 3: J. Cole speaks on changing the game, politics, Grammys and open Q&A with students