JC Chasez Talks Possibility of NSYNC Reunion, Working on New Pop Group


With Justin Timberlake’s suiting up in the spotlight once again, one has to wonder if an NSYNC comeback is a possibility.

Perez Hilton caught up with fellow boy bander JC Chasez, who says the time isn’t right for a reunion.

“I just think we all have different interests right now,” the “America’s Best Dance Crew” judge says. “We’re happy with what we did and we’re happy with what we’re doing.”

While other ’90s groups have been re-emerging like The Spice Girls and their new musical as well as The Backstreet Boys, who just green-lighted a tell-all documentary, JC says there would have to be a shared interest in making a comeback.

“If there ever comes a time in our lives where we all decided it was the right thing to do, we would do it but it would have to be for the right reasons,” he explains.

Now the singer says he will be handling a new pop group called Girl Radical that he claims is going to be “America’s most exciting supergroup.”

He adds, “It’s the most exciting thing I’ve done in 10 years.”