Jim Carrey’s Assault Rifle Tweet Angers Right

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It seems as if comedian/ actor Jim Carrey is letting the Internets know his thoughts about gun control in America. We have his tweet for you after the jump.

This past weekend, Jim Carrey tweeted to millions of followers the following, “Anyone who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.”

With that “inflammatory” statement, Carrey joins the likes of Bob Costas, Stephen King and others who have all welcomed the wrath of the gun lobby. The quickness of said wrath was expected, as any detraction from guns does not go over well with those who fear that President Obama will take away their guns.

The response from Jim Carrey’s comments came from the usual suspects of Fox News and fellow members of the Right. Conservative blog WND noted, “‘Dumb and Dumber’ doesn’t begin to cover this one,” while Fox Nation referred to his comment as “nasty”.

Writer Erin Brown wrote about the actor’s comment at length, decrying the tweet on Red Alert Politics as a “careless remark … rooted in the shallow, parroted talking points so commonly espoused by liberal elites.”

The former In Living Color funnyman’s “divisive” comment received more than 3,400 retweets and more than 1,600 ‘favorites’ stemming from Tuesday.

Props: Fox Nation