Jim Jones Arrested Outside His New Jersey Home


Jim Jones had to learn the hard way once again that New Jersey cops don’t play when it comes to tickets and respect. Yep, that’s right: Jim Jones arrested.

The rapper and a Fair Lawn resident was arrested yesterday morning (Feb 13th) for disorderly conduct and hindering apprehension.

Sergeant James Corcoran was in the middle of towing what he thought was an abandoned car when Jones ran out of his house to question his actions. Everything was fine, until the officer ran the rapper’s name through police database and found out he had two outstanding warrants; a traffic ticket, and failing to remove snow from his sidewalk.

Chrissy’s fiance’ allegedly became hostile and belligerent, which resulted in his arrest. After Jim Jones was arrested, he posted bail and is scheduled to appear in Fair Lawn Municipal Court on Feb. 27.