John Legend’s ‘The Edge’ Crime Drama Sold To USA Network

It looks like John Legend is aiming to get everyone “lifted” with his new TV series. We have details for you after the jump.

The G.O.O.D. Music crooner inked an exclusive deal last summer and now he’s bringing the crime drama, The Edge, and an untitled comedy series to both cable and broadcast networks through his Get Lifted Film Company.

The first project, which was snatched up by Fox last October, is an untitled comedy project that will center on a guy in his early 20s who becomes the guardian to his own siblings. The untitled series will find said fella having to manage his own fledgling career, and the pilot will be penned by Tommy Dewey and Greg Bratman (Sons of Tucson) who will use John Legend’s years growing up as inspiration.

Get Lifted Film Company’s second project is a bit more thrilling.

The Edge is a crime drama about “an idealistic Harvard Business School graduate named Jeff Cross who joins a progressive financial firm called Edgeton Global, where he discovers the company’s dark secrets while becoming entangled in a high-stakes FBI investigation.”

The script will be written by Justin Herber and Adam Hoff. Meanwhile, John Legend, alongside his partners Mike Jackson and Ty Stiklorious, will executive produce the USA Networks crime series. There’s still no word on casting.

All this is a part of the singer’s attempt to expand his own brand beyond the world of music. According to Shadow And Act, the Ohio-born songwriter is calling this concerted effort the “next step forward in building Get Lifted.”

Props: Shadow And Act