Justin Timberlake Debuts 8-Minute Track, “Mirrors” (LISTEN)


Is this how it’s gonna go? Is every new Justin Timberlake song going to be better than the one before?

First came “Suit & Tie.” It was awesome for two reasons: the Jay-Z feature and for dropping on a random Sunday night in January after a long musical silence from JT. The single was packaged with news that a full-length LP, titled The 20/20 Experience, was due in March. Next, “Pusher Love Girl” and “That Girl” touched down thanks to amateur videos grabbed at a pre-Super Bowl party. Timberlake’s live show was boasting an organic big band ensemble — think lots of horns! — and a classy, vintage elegance.

Grammy night brought Timberlake back in front of the TV audience, this time in sephia, and if that wasn’t enough shine, his new track “Mirrors” debuted later in the evening online.

“Mirrors” isn’t just another song. At about 8 minutes, the love song is layered with a Timbaland-produced wall of sound, but its strength is in JT’s Neo Blue-Eyed Soul delivery of the catchy lyrics. “I don’t want to lose you now. I’m looking right at the other half of me,” he croons more like a pop singer than a R&B guy, putting a wider space between him and the likes of Robin Thicke.

This man is making a SERIOUS comeback. The 20/20 Experienceis in stores March 19. Listen to “Mirrors” below.