Karrine Steffans on The Look of Love

If anyone knows a thing or two about love it’s Karrine Steffans. Her fifth book, How To Make Love To A Martian, is the true story of the unorthodox relationship between herself and rap superstar Lil’ Wayne. While her newest tome, which hits digital stores today, explores how unconditional love can be detrimental, Karrine also believes troubled relationships can wreak havoc on your skin. Below, the New York Times best selling author explains her solution to troubled skin after a broken heart:

“The way we look affects the way we love and vice versa. When a woman is in a relationship that doesn’t make her happy or is unhappily single, the bitterness shows on her face. I am no different. During an unhappy marriage and subsequent divorce, the stress and pressure of a love lost and the overwhelming feeling of disappointment and failure caused me to let myself go. When I looked in the mirror I wanted to hide from the world. I wanted to look better, so I could feel better, and move on with my life.

I was most concerned with my face, which had become more prone to breakouts and acne scaring due to stress, poor dietary habits, and vast consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. Medicated products like Proactiv worked, but only temporarily as my body’s natural chemistry became immune to its ingredients. Then, I saw a commercial for Juice Beauty and it caught my attention. Their philosophy of using organic juices and their natural, nutritional powers to improve the health and, subsequently, the appearance of skin made sense to me. Don’t medicate the symptoms of unhealthy skin—prevent the cause of unhealthy skin with nutrition!”