Kathy Griffin: “I’m In The A$AP Vixen Mob”

How did Kathy Griffin become a member of the A$AP Mob you ask?

Well, if you aren’t familiar with A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown’s now infamous discussion about the sexual appeal of both Kathy Griffin and Cher, then you’re probably scratching your head. Last year, the fellas sat poolside with Noisey while coming to the conclusion that a sexual encounter with the slick-tongued redhead would be something to remember.

“I’m in the A$AP Vixen Mob,” Kathy Griffin jokes with VIBE. “This coming Thursday I have A$AP Rocky and Danny Brown [on my show] because they made a video about who they would rather have sex with, me or Cher, then Schoolboy Q also tweeted me saying that he wanted me. So this Thursday night on Bravo at 10pm my guests are A$AP Rocky, Danny Brown and Russell Brand.”

Kathy also revealed that it was really Anderson Cooper’s idea to have Rocky and Danny as guest stars on the show.

Watch her break it down in the video below