‘Kick-Ass’ Director Mark Millar Trashes ‘Justice League’ Movie

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Let the DC Comics versus Marvel wars begins!

With the success of Marvel Studios’ Avengers initiative, Warner Bros. and DC Comics began scrambling for ways to make their own super-powered ensemble films. To counter, Fox hired Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) as a creative consultant for Marvel to help oversee their properties.

In an interview with SciFi Now, the Scottish comic book writer turned filmmaker shared his thoughts on Warner Bros.’ planned Justice League film, which so happens to be released in 2015 alongside The Avengers 2 blockbuster. “I actually think the big problem for them is the characters are just too out of date,” Millar surmises. “The characters were created 75 years ago, even the newest major character was created 68 years ago, so they’re in a really weird time.”

While he expresses his love for DC Comics growing up, Millar says that he has doubts about how Warner Bros. can pull of characters such as The Flash, Aquaman and Green Lantern logically for the big screen.

“How do you do a movie about ‘Green Lantern,’ his power is that he manifests green plasma from his imagination and uses them as weapons against someone?” he asks. “The Flash has door handles on the side of his mask and if he doesn’t wear that mask, I’ll be pissed off, y’know what I mean?” “They’re in a weird, weird situation — if you’ve got a guy who moves at the speed of light up against the Weather Wizard and Captain Cold or whatever, then your movie’s over in two seconds.”

Shots aside, Mark Millar has a point. The actual logistics of each member of the Justice League may not read well for new audiences who aren’t familiar with how they work on the page. And when you put them all together (could you see Aquaman fighting alongside Batman, really?), you have the potential to create a big blockbuster dud. Or in Millar’s words, “I think you get an excellent way of losing $200 million.” Ouch.

What do you think of Millar’s comments? Is he right? Or can Warner Bros. pull off a miracle after getting rid of Will Beall’s horrible script? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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