Kilo Kish Talks K+ Mixtape, Creativity & Chemistry With Childish Gambino

Kilo Kish is an enigma. Last spring, the 22-year-old it-chick released her first project, Homeschool, to an industry that’s forced even the most unique artists to compromise. Now pushing her follow-up mixtape, K+, Kish admits to only recently starting to take her craft seriously. “I always consider myself a fine artist first. And then if people want to call me a rapper or whatever…” she explains. “My heart is always going to be in making concepts and trying to explain ideas.”

With record labels in hot pursuit, the Orlando native and friend of artists like A$AP Mob, Odd Future and Childish Gambino sat down with VIBE to break down her sophomore mixtape and creative process.

Download the K+ mixtape here.

VIBE: What have you been up to since graduating from F.I.T.?

KK: I’ve mostly been recording music and doing Kilo Kish stuff. My life did a 360-degree turn [as far as] recording, learning more about the process of making music and who I want to be as an artist. I don’t have any day job, so the opportunities are endless. It’s kinda nuts. I kinda get anxiety sometimes. I’m like, “What am I going to work on?”

VIBE: What was the inspiration behind the “Creepwave” song?

KK: I was talking with Jesse Boykins III on Skype about different loft spaces and apartments. I was like, “Yeah, I just want a big open space with white windows and white bricks and this and this.” It was nearing into the winter time and I got some beats from Kronos and they were so dark — the footsteps and everything. I was thinking empty New York apartment and feelings of loneliness and solitude. I basically took the Skype conversation and made it into lyrics. That’s why sometimes my lyrics seem a little far off or don’t really have a focus.

VIBE: How did the collaboration with the Flatbush Zombies come about?


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