The REAL Black Mamba: Kobe Bryant Hisses Like a Snake!


Kobe Bryant hisses like a snake? Uh, apparently so!

That’s according to Wizards guard Jordan Crawford, who told ESPN this week that Lakers star Kobe Bryant hisses like a snake while on the court.

DC Sports Bog transcribed the wacky answer: “When I first played with Kobe—they call him the Black Mamba—but then he was doing like a little snake sound when he wanted the ball. It was crazy. It was crazy. It’s like tsssss, tsssss. Like fishing. Tsssss, tssss. He do that. Everybody tells you he’s gonna do it before you play him—like, ‘Wait till you hear him do this.’ And then he [does] it, and it’s like, what? He’s really a mamba. It sounds like some kind of snake.”

Michael Jordan famously wagged his tongue while driving to the hoop, but this is a whole other level. Maybe Kobe Bryant hisses like a snake because he’s REALLY embraced his “Black Mamba” nickname.